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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Closing Day

Worked at quest this morning tearing it down, and packing pallets, after lunch signed up to work on logistics getting departing scouts on to buses from midnight to 6am.

The Closing ceremony is tonight and the Irish IST will again be moving en mass from the Irish House, then I'll head to work after the show.

Lots of trophy hunting going on, and lots of tents coming down all around.

Will be leaving the site early on Monday. not looking forward to packing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cultural Day

Today the Camp in Camp hosts came to visit the Jamboree site. Most of them were of a younger age group, cubs, being the Swedes and Danes who were to young to take poart in the Jamboree proper. A group of us were volunteered as Tour Guides for them so we took them from their buses to the jamboree town centre and showed them, the main points of interest.
Just as we finished there, I found outr the the Irish Troop the Beavers had been linked with ahd succumbed to a tummy bug, so I had to go over and help them out, disinfecting, cooking and singing. All the usual. After a few hours there I sampled some of the cuisine from other countries which was on offer for the day. Spanish desserts, US cobbler and a japanese dish which looked and tasted a lot like Irish Stew.
Tomorrow it´s the last program day for People, and it's another big one. Then the Irish Contingent Photo.

Flash Mob

The Damhsa Tobann.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jamboree Nights

Sitting at the back of An Crann, The Irish House, listening to
"Standing Room Only", the house band. They're great at getting the
crowd going.

Elsewhere the other foodhouses are thronging, especially England,
Czech Republic & Netherlands. The Dutch play eurohouse. And the
English steal our schpuds.

Up at 7am tomorrow for Culture Day...


Second day off since I got here. Have training to do from 14.30 for my special job tomorrow. There's a cultural day and we on the Modular Activities Team who would be off now have special jobs for the day.

Working in People's been lots of fun, every day before we leave we have a mini concert which some of the participants hang around for.

I've become an Ambassador for Peace having signed up loads of people for the Messengers of Peace program.

Received my Gold IST Experience Badge on Monday, having attended 3 bases, Creative Trash, Ceremonies and Communicating without words, one of them with my IST International Patrol.

Might visit Quest today, to see what all of the fuss is about.

There's a Damhsa Tobann later on... say nothing till you here more.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Greetings from Sweden

I'm wrecked.

Over worked.

Over tired.

Great time had by all.

Arrived Monday afternoon, through Copenhagen airport in 40 mins, 2 hour bus ride to edge of Jamboree site, checked in in 20 mins, 5 min bus ride to main site 10 min necker/apparel collection, 20 tent collection, 10 minute site discovery, 20 minute tent pitching. Found bike. Mission accomplished.

Met my international patrol on Tuesday, The Ninjas, One Belgian, one Swiss, one Canandian, one Frenchie and a Briton. Started first part of IST Experience badge withj them and got it.

Work induction in the afternoon. We're People People, and starting today we play Rafa Rafa, in the City Core part of the People base, one of the 6 main Modular activities at the Jamboree. As a modular activity it is one which every participant is scheduled to take part in by the end of the camp. We will provide youth programme to c. 150 participants each per day. Which is a lot.

Outside of work hours I've been badge swapping, necker swapping, pin swapping and hanging out at the Irish house/Irish Contingent tent and helping get Ist Troops from bus stops to the Irish House from 1am-4am on two arrival days.

Also, bit o' rain over the past few days, all going a bit Punchestown...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fundraising idea

There's money to be made from bag-packing in Dublin airport.

Lots of people frantically redistributing contents amongst each other.

One problem of course would be "Did you pack this bag yourself?" :/